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Resume (Curriculum Vitae)
Mu PHD (doktor) in finantsis best part of the site
My scientific work 200+ papers from secondary school to Cambridge that you can copy :-) best part of the site Click here for non frames index. And here for all uploaded files.
Sample Artiklid

Pension Reform

European Commission

Economic growth, stats project

Voting via email

Making pension age dependent on average life

The University publications
Eesti Meedia (English)

Estonian Kroon Big Mac Index

Eesti Keelsed: (kui m�ni neist ei t��ta siis serveris on koopia siin

EPL: Big Maci teooria j�rgi on krooni vahetuskurss Saksa marga suhtes 1:5,56

Tollid varjavad maksude tostmist

Otsetoetuste asemel talunikele riiklik kindlustus


Eesti panga esimeheks soltumatu kandidaat

Devalveerimise ohtu pole

Veel eesti meediat (v�ga kollane ja vahest naljakas)

Ps�hholoogia raamat mida t�lgin


(wordi versioon etc)

Freud ja sissejuhatus

Anna Freud

Erik Erikson

Rollo May

Cambridge University Baltic Society
Kes siin lehel k�ivad, UUS!!
Fotod from Brazil, London, Argentina, New York
Jobs in New York


Investment banking:

My .com –s

www.bernstein.com the company where I do fixed income research

www.onefridaynight.com cool art tech movement that I created in one Friday night

www.rightfreight.com XML JSP I was the lead developer/architect/DBA consultant person for this $20m company

www.estonia.gov.uk Estonian embassy in London, I was the webmaster.

argentinatravel.com the Internet company I worked for, demonstrating the usage of SQL, Perl, Java Servlets, VB, ASP-s and C++

trade.ee 100% mine and the first online trading site in Estonia, demonstrating the usage of SQL, ASP, COM, JavaScript and Linux firewalls

www.otsi.ee was the first Estonian Internet company

www.volvo.ee the firm I was IT manager for (also www.renault.ee www.fordiauto.ee www.paadid.ee www.boats.ee www.ieg.ee)

www.varsity.cam.ac.uk Varsity Newspaper, University of Cambridge, I was webmaster

Technology projects

Business proposal Overview of Bytelogics

Oracle Database Monitoring Sample database report

Trading database schema

Microsoft XML parser manual

I am sun certified in Java

I wrote TextPad JSP Clip Libraries and modules for

Open source JDBC drivers for Microsoft SQL server

Harvest, open source spider in C/C++/Perl

cryptlib, open source security library in C++

My own CA (manual how to become your own!)

Desktop sharing VNC (made it go through weird firewalls like http proxy and telnet)

Java JClass charting library

Finally, I love http://msdn.microsoft.com

Life related links

http://www.inprise.com/jbuilder/ (best java development)

http://msdn.microsoft.com/vstudio/ and rest of MSDN and knowledge base for best web development

http://www.microsoft.com/sql/ (especially OLAP) for best database development

http://www.embarcadero.com and their product dbartisan for more best stuff

rf the things that I install to my computer best part of the site

http://astalavista.box.sk/ for all your cracks and passwords

Jad - the fast Java decompiler

New York webcam

www.firethru.com to go through your firewalls

VNC to go through the firewalls (map ports 5500 and push the server through firethru)

My sister is at www.harvard.edu

Chatroom http://www.cafe.ee/ (under the name babe) is a place for Estonian supermodels and extremely wealthy single men who live abroad

Trinity college was my school

http://www.econ.cam.ac.uk/ I studied Economics at Cambridge

Casio programs is my PDA

Lonely planet guide to Argentina where I lived for 4 months. There are guides for every country.

AOL instant messenger you will find me under nickname Siilats online 24h



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