Thats my new university then ...

Here is my (pretty large) matriculation photo

On the Trinity bridge over the river Cam. The Trinity College is on the right

With my sister in front of the Fountain on the Great Court There is a popular dirnk called "Piss in the fountain", in here, I have never quite understood why the call it that way

That's the look out of my room windows. Notice the tree in the bottom-right corner

There is a gossip going around that Isaac Newton, who has also studied here, once sat underneath this tree when an apple fell to his head. They say he discovered some sort of a theory afterwards.

18th birthday:

From left:Zoë, Kora, Jani, Rachel, me, Joan, Ed

Everyone should row here, of course. I was in the crappiest eight last , more beer needed:

There was a small party organised by the college on our matriculation, with Trinity's own wine from 1967 etc. Professor Mirrlees, who got the Nobel Price in Economics for 1996, was also a guest. He did not make it to the picture as he left soon after a drunken economics student called him a Nobel Jim

In the last two pictures are two of my teachers Dr Fisher and Mr Gatti