Here are the E-mails and homepages of past and present CUBS members. Feel free to contact any of the board members. The list has been modified on March 11, 1999. Please let Keith know about any omissions/alterations.The additions will be at the END, so start reading from there. And if nothing shows below, wait 30 sec.

This list has not been updated for a while so its more like a history of people who went to Cambridge. A list of people who have been to US universities is at postimees site

Name (Postiton) College E-mail Comments Status (let Keith know)
Main list email Includes all current members Active
All Estonians in CUBS Includes only Estonians Active
Robertas Pogorelis (ex-President) Hughes Hall Tel. 506849 Gone away
Toomas Gross (ex-Vice-President) Darwin College   In Mexico or wherever, but email OK
Keith Siilats (External Officer) Trinity College Here
Diana Eriksonaite (ex-Secretary) Lucy Cavendish College   Gone
Ieva Krigere (Treasurer) Trinity College   Here
Dr Kirsten Malmkjaer (Senior Treasurer) Research Centre for English and Applied Linguistics Tel. 332338 Always here
Kaja Kährik New Hall   Gone
Vilma Borutaite Dept of Biochemistry   Here
Aet Annist Darwin College   Gone
Vytautas Paskunas Gonville & Caius College   Here
Ausra Aleliunaite Selwyn College   Here or gone
Ineta Ziemele Wolfson College Tel. 330949 Here
Anneli Randla St. John’s College   gone
Erik Somelar Clare College   Checks his mail
Helen Piirsalu-Kopoloev Fitzwilliam College   gone
Maria Goloubeva New Hall   Here
Ilona Nurmela Jesus Law LLM 526022 New 1998
Katrin Niglas   New 1998
Pärtel Piirimae St. Johns 566885 New 1998
Piibe Jogi   New 1998
Eero Tohver Corpus Christi Economics MPhil New 1998
Mantas Adomenas (New President for 1999) Peterhouse Philosophy MPhil New 1999
Vlada Gosal Our Ukrainian representative :) New 1999
Ruta Simelyte Trinity   New 1999