Obtaining a "Friendly" Client Certificate from VeriSign™

This page will help you create a private/public key pair with the CRYPT_EXPORTABLE flag and obtain a digital certificate corresponding to this key pair from VeriSign.

IE 4.0+ is required to use this page.

Step 1: Enter Personal Information and Click "Request Cert"

Once you click this button, a random private/public key pair will be created, and the corresponding Certificate Request data block (in Base64 encoding) generated.

Please Enter:
Your Common Name:
Your Unit Name:
Your Company Name:
Your City:
Your State:
Your Country (2 characters):
Your Email:

Step 2: Submit the Certificate Request block to VeriSign™

Select and copy the content of the text area below to clipboard, then follow the link https://digitalid.verisign.com/client/smimeStep1.htm.
and paste your CRF to the text area on the VeriSign Class 1 S/MIME Digital ID page. Then follow the instructions on that page.

Step 3: Install the Certificate

You will eventually receive your certificate by email as an attachment with the extension .p7c. It is an ASCII file. Save the attachment on your hard drive, then open the file with Notepad. Copy and paste the file content to the text area below, then click the Install Certificate button. That's it!